How to delete an Instagram account (2023)

By Joseph Foley


Learn how to delete an Instagram account permanently or disable your account temporarily.

How to delete an Instagram account (1)

How to delete an Instagram account is a question more people are asking as concern grows over privacy and the amount of time we spend on social networks. There’s no denying that Instagram's a great platform for showcasing creative work and even for selling work directly, as well as for sharing personal knowledge and experiences. With more than a billion users, it’s one of the most popular social networks in the world and a huge potential tool for reaching a bigger audience.

But there are reasons you might want to leave the platform. It might be because you’re concerned about the parent company Meta (Facebook’s new name if you missed that) having access to so much data. Or perhaps you find yourself spending too much time on social media and want to get rid of the temptation to open the app every time you look at your phone.

Whatever the reason, if you're wondering how to delete an Instagram account, removing your data and history from the platform, we'll explain below exactly how to do it. You can delete your Instagram account permanently if you’re sure you want out. Otherwise, if you’re not sure you want to leave the platform for good and lose all of your past posts and Reels, you can also temporarily disable Instagram. In this article we’ll provide a step by step guide to how to do both.

You might want to take a look at creatives’ tips on how to sell on Instagram or see our Instagram Reels tutorial, for ideas on potential uses for Instagram before making the decision to leave Instagram. However, if you’re sure you’ve had enough, we’ll explain below exactly how to delete an Instagram account or temporarily disable an Instagram account.

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How to delete an Instagram account permanently

We’ll start straight off straight with the most drastic option: deleting your account completely. Note that if you’re not sure and think there’s a chance you might want to recover your account in the future, we’d advise skipping to How to temporarily disable an Instagram account.

01. Download your data

How to delete an Instagram account (2)

Chances are that even if you want to permanently download your Instagram account, you don’t want to lose all of the images and videos that you have uploaded to the platform unless you’re very sure that you still have them saved somewhere else. This means you’ll probably want to download your data first.

If you want to download just the odd image or video, you can do that using third party sites. But if you want to download everything, you can go the official route and download all of your data from Instagram in one big zip file from Instagram itself. You can do this in the app or in a browser, but since you'll need to use a browser to delete your Instagram account, we’ll outline this method here.

Log into your account, go to your profile picture and then find Settings > Privacy and Security.Scroll to the ‘Data Download’ section and click 'Request Download'. Enter your email address and click ‘Next’. You’ll be asked to re-enter your account password at this point. Do that, then click ‘Request Download’. You’ll then receive an email with a link to download your Instagram data. Click Download Data in the email and follow the instructions to download your data.

For more options, including how to download Instagram data using the app, see our article on how to download Instagram photos.

02. Sign into Instagram on a browser

Once you’ve downloaded your data and you're sure you’re ready to wipe Instagram from your life for good, you can follow the process for deleting your account. First, you'll need to be signed in on a browser. There's no way to delete your Instagram account via the mobile app, so if you're not already signed in on a web browser, go to and do that now.

03. Go to the Instagram account deletion page

How to delete an Instagram account (3)

Assuming you're signed in on the Instagram website, you can now go to the account deletion page (Instagram doesn’t make this hugely easy to find, so we’ll provide the direct link). There you’ll find a message asking you if you want to delete your account. You’ll need to choose a reason why from the drop-down menu. Options include privacy concerns, concerns about data, being too busy and more.

04. Delete your Instagram account

Once you've chosen your reason for deleting, you'll need to enter your password again in the field below. Do that, and then click the blue "Delete [Account Name]" button.Keep in mind that this is it, and officially once you've clicked the button the action can't be undone, although Instagram notes that it will wait a month before erasing your data.

Your account will be hidden from view for one month and then all your photos and account history, including followers, likes and comments, will be permanently removed. You won't be able to create a new account with the same username that you used before either.

How to temporarily deactivate Instagram

If deleting your Instagram account permanently sounds a little drastic but you want to take some time away from social media, there is another option. If you think you might want to resuscitate your account in the future, it might be a wiser decision to disable your Instagram account rather than delete it. This way Instagram will still have all of your data, so it might not be an option for you if that's your concern, but it means that you easily reactivate your account in the same state you left it in should you want to use it again in the future.

This could be particularly wise for if you put a lot of time into growing your following on the platform and don't want to have to start from scratch if you decide to come back Instagram in the future. Temporarily deactivating your Instagram account makes your account disappear from public view, but you'll be able to bring it back again in just a few clicks. To do this follow the steps below.

01. Log in on a browser

How to delete an Instagram account (4)

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Again you'll need to be logged into Instagram on a web browser since it's not possible to deactivate your account in the app. Go to your profile page at, then click "Edit profile" at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page that opens (see the image above), select the blue text that reads 'Temporarily disable my account'.

02. Temporarily disable your account

How to delete an Instagram account (5)

Choose a reason for why you want to disable your Instagram account, and then re-enter your password. Click 'Temporarily Disable Account' and that's it, your account will disappear from the platform until you reactivate it (note that it can take a couple of hours for your account to disappear).

How do you reactivate your Instagram account again when you're ready to come back? Simply log back into the Instagram app with your username and password. Just be aware that can't temporarily disable your Instagram account more than once a week. The option to disable your account will become unavailable if you have already done so once in the last seven days. As mentioned above, logging back into your account automatically reactivates it, so if you have disabled your account and then log in to Instagram, you won't be able to disable it again for seven days.

Can you recover a permanently deleted Instagram account?

How to delete an Instagram account (6)

So what happens if you choose the first option above and permanently delete your Instagram account and then have seconds thoughts. Well, as mentioned above, Instagram clarifies that it will wait a month before it deletes your data. Some people have reported success in contacting Instagram to request it cancel the account deletion in that time.

We can't guarantee that this will work but you may have luck in getting it back, especially if your account was deleted maliciously by a hacker rather than a decision you took yourself. To try this go to the Instagram login page and click on 'Forgotten your password?' On the next screen (below) complete your email address, phone number or username to request a login link, then click 'Need more help'. You'll be asked to select the type of account you’d like to recover, then you should click the option ‘My account was hacked‘.

Can I delete an Instagram account I no longer have access to?

How to delete an Instagram account (7)

As we mentioned, you need to log in to Instagram to delete your account. Therefore, if you have an old account Instagram account that you want to delete but you can't remember your password, you'll need to recover the account first before you can delete it.

To do that go to the Instagram login page and click on 'Forgotten your password?' On the next screen (below) enter your email address, phone number or username to request a login link. If you can't remember the details that you opened the account with or the login link doesn't arrive, you'll need to click on 'Need more help' and follow the prompts given.

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How to delete an Instagram account? ›

Tap See more in Accounts Center, then tap Personal details. Tap Account ownership and control, then tap Deactivation or deletion. Tap the account you'd like to permanently delete. Tap Delete account, then tap Continue.

How do I delete my Instagram account if I struggle? ›

Tap See more in Accounts Center, then tap Personal details. Tap Account ownership and control, then tap Deactivation or deletion. Tap the account you'd like to permanently delete. Tap Delete account, then tap Continue.

How many reports are required to block an Instagram account? ›

Instagram doesn't have a rule about termination based on a number of reports. In fact, if Instagram believes an account is in violation of its policies, they have the right to disable the account based on a single complaint!

How do you delete Instagram answers? ›

Delete a comment on Instagram
  1. Tap below the post.
  2. Tap and hold the comment you'd like to delete.
  3. Tap Delete.

Why wont Instagram let me delete an account? ›

You can't delete from Instagram app

You cannot delete your Instagram account via the mobile app. You can only delete your account by logging into Instagram from your desktop or mobile browser.

How do I talk to Instagram support? ›

You can contact Instagram support by phone at 1-650-543-4800 or via Instagram's online Help Center.

Do Instagram accounts eventually delete? ›

Yes, inactive accounts are removed from Instagram's system. As a result, if your account continues to be inactive, it may be removed from the app based on a particular set of criteria. However, the steps needed to get rid of an account vary, so make sure you know why it's being taken down.

How long does it take Instagram to delete an account? ›

After 30 days of your account deletion request, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won't be able to retrieve your information. During those 30 days the content remains subject to Instagram's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and is not accessible to other people using Instagram.

How long does Instagram take to respond to a report? ›

How Long Does It Take for Instagram Support to Respond? It commonly takes about a week for a support team to get back to you with a response. Don't forget to check your spam folder while waiting for the response. If you've waited more than three weeks and still got no response, you can send another enquiry.

When you delete an Instagram story does it stay in your archive? ›

Note: Only you can see the stories saved in your archive after they disappear from your story. If you delete a photo or video from your story before it disappears, it won't be saved to your archive.

How do I delete answers from a form? ›

Delete individual responses
  1. Open a form in Google Forms.
  2. At the top left under “Responses,” click Individual.
  3. Click Previous or Next. to find the response you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete. OK.

Why is deleting Instagram so hard? ›

On top of there being no option to delete your account from within the Instagram app (you have to log into the desktop site, instead), it takes 30 days from the point you request deletion for your profile to be taken out of your hands, a period during which you can simply log back in and 'save' your account from its ...

What are reasons to delete Instagram account? ›

Nine Reasons Why You Should Delete Instagram
  • Regain Control of Your Time. ...
  • Create Real-World Connections. ...
  • Procrastinate Less and Boost Productivity. ...
  • Get Rid of the Social Validation Trap. ...
  • Focus More on Your Goals and Achievements. ...
  • Sleep Longer (and More Soundly) ...
  • Avoid Scams. ...
  • Regain Your Self-Esteem.
Apr 27, 2023

Why would someone's Instagram account be deleted? ›

We want to create the best possible experience for everyone on Instagram. That means spam, fake accounts and other people and posts that don't follow our Community Guidelines may be removed from Instagram.

How to delete Instagram account permanently without password and email? ›

It is possible to delete an old Instagram account without a password or email using the following three methods:
  1. Recover the old account through Facebook or Instagram in-built support.
  2. Write an email to the Instagram support team.
  3. Report the account multiple times with the help of friends and family.
Jul 12, 2023

Does Instagram have a support number? ›

If you have an urgent problem, you can attempt to reach a person by calling 650-543-4800 or 650-308-7300 and selecting the option for Instagram in the phone tree.


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