New Bed and a Cool Frame

I was in desperate need of a new bed. My bed had been in my home since I first moved into it 16 years ago, and it had gotten pretty lumpy. Spring were starting to come out of the bed and poke me in the back. I decided that my new bed would be one without springs entirely. I bought a foam mattress that adheres to the shape of the human body. I also got rid of my old box spring in favor of something a little more modern. There was a platform bed frame that I had my eye on for my bedroom.

There were a few great things about this bed frame, like the price and height, but the one thing that I liked most about it was how easy it was to set up the frame. The frame took only a few minutes to put together, and I didn’t need to break out my tools to do it. I like the new simple assembly approach that companies have been taking as of late. I hated having to put together my furniture when I first bought it years ago, and just last year I bought a table for a lamp that still needed assembly with tools.

After assembling the frame and putting the foam mattress on it, I hopped on the bed and took a nap. I didn’t even burn a lot of energy while putting the bed together, I just wanted to try out the bed and see how it felt. What was supposed to be a little hour nap turned into a four hour sleep session. The mattress felt so comfortable that I didn’t want to get out of it. I should have looked into foam mattresses a long time ago, because they put the spring ones to shame.

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