I Need a Drone for Kids

I have to figure out just how easy it is to find drones for kids that they can control. Of course I figure that the key for that is going to be having the right electronics, because the obvious thing is that you need the drone to do some of the hard stuff when the operator is not going to be as good at it. At least I assume that it is going to be the way it is. In fact I have a drone of my own and I had it before I ended up with the stepchildren. The boys love it, but the thing is very expensive and very easy to crash. In truth you can put a camera on it and do all sorts of things with it. The place that I got it from sells really great ones that cost as much as the first car that I had when I was in high school, this one is way too expensive to trust it to someone who does not know exactly what they are doing.

In fact the truth is that when I first got the thing it took me a long time to figure out how to use it properly and I came very close to destroying it more than a few times. It is probably still just about ready to fall apart from all of the collisions that I gave the thing. Of course when you are seven years old that is not something that you want to hear and I have not enough patience to teach them, although that would require me to sit them down and make them read a lot of stuff. Some of it is pretty technical, but the main thing is that you have to be able to think ahead.

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