I Found Something Helpful That Makes Mom’s Name More Noticeable to Many Other People

I was having a tough time dealing with my mother passing away. She was my best friend, and I suddenly felt all alone. I couldn’t wait to get a memorial for her grave after she was buried. I needed to order itt custom-made because that is what everyone needs to do when it comes to engraving their name on it. Most Jewish memorials in New Jersey are made with the thought that you should not only have it made in a way that it would make your family member happy, but it should mean something to you, too. I thought about what I wanted it to say, and I also thought about what my own mom would want it to say, too.

One of the things that I noticed when going to visit my mother at the cemetery is that there was no place to sit. Each time I went to visit, I would have to sit down on the ground. After about 20 minutes of that, I would find myself aching all over. This occurred over and over. I wondered why the cemetery didn’t offer any seating, but then I found out that the company That made her headstone, also makes memorial benches made out of concrete or marble.

The second that I learned that I could get a memorial bench made, I found myself feeling pretty happy about it. I picked chose a bench that has my mother’s name on the top part where you sit. I like the idea of other people seeing her name and knowing just how special she was to me. I know that the new seating is appreciated because I often drive by the cemetery and I see people sitting on it. Now, other people who have loved ones buried there, are following suit and ordering benches and placing them near their family member’s graves, too.

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