Designer Brands You Love at a Price You Can Afford

Fashionistas all know that a designer wardrobe doesn’t come cheap!  That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t grab a good bargain on even some of the very high end designer’s goods.  You can strut your style  without having the bank repossess your car.  Here are some tips to snatch some of those designer brands you love at a price you can afford.

The Internet is Filled with Deals

Don’t underestimate the deals you can find on the internet.  There are dozens of online auction sites, consignment stores and discount stores that are just a mouse click away.  The ease of access lets you compare prices on those hot new pair of Prada shoes you have been drooling over.  Also you can find discontinued lines, which are often sold at a bargain prices.  There are accessories, purses, shoes and whatever you might be searching for.  It may not be  the current season, but Louis Vuitton is timeless.  Here is a video showing you some of the sites to score some bargains.

High End Stores

Don’t be afraid of high end stores, even these stores have sales and bargain racks.  You can get designer clothing that are slightly damaged  or not in pristine condition.  But if you’re handy with a needle and thread you can save a fortune.  Always look closely at the goods on the discount rack and find out just why they are theres.

Consignment Stores

Thrift stores and consignment boutiques are great places to find some designer brand, but it may take a bit of digging around.  If shopping online makes you wary because of sizes.  Then spend some time digging through the thrift stores to find something special.

Choose Your Bargains Carefully

Don’t get carried away by the brand, finding Chanel at an affordable prices is wonderful but not if it is falling apart.  Consider the condition before anything else, lots of designer goods are discounted because of the condition they are in.  Before you fork over your hard earned cash make sure it’s in good condition or let it be something that you can fix easily.  A seam that has come apart or a missing button is not a big deal but a rip down the back of a shirt that is not something you can fix.  Stick to timeless style, the little black dress you can wear forever but flared hip huggers not so much.